Individual hauling

If you need something hauled outside of our frequrent routes, feel free to ask for a personal hauling offer by joining our in-game channel trinity x industries.

If you require frequent hauling on an unlisted route, please contact our Director of Operations Catriona Ambramotte to discuss adding your route.

Please Note: We are currently operating at reduced capacity. If none of our pilots have accepted your contract after two days, please inform us on slack in #txi-public.

Empire Logistics

We at Trinity X Industries believe in keeping things simple, which is why we offer a fixed price for our high frequency routes:

Common Routes & Prices

  • Jita to
    • Amarr – 55 million ISK
    • Mendori – 50 million ISK
  • Amarr to
    • Jita – 55 million ISK
    • Mendori – 11 million ISK
    • Moro - 19 million ISK
  • Mendori to
    • Amarr – 11 million ISK
    • Jita – 50 million ISK

Volume and Collateral

We take great care to ensure the safety our your cargo and that of our pilots which is why we enforce the following limits to collateral and volume:

60 000m³ (DST size) – standard collateral of 2 billion ISK and 3 billion maximum collateral for an extra 5 million ISK added to the normal reward.

400 000m³ (Freighter size) – maximum collateral of 1.5 billion ISK

In order to calculate your collateral use an appraisal site (like and multiply Jita Sell price by 1.1 (10% markup).



Send us your shopping List

Paste your shopping list into our calculator and be sure you've checked the procurement box.


Select a destination

Let us know what station you want your goods delivered.

You may be contracted for a downpayment depending on the value of your order.


Await delivery

One of our procurement agents will purchase your goods and deliver them to your station of choice.

Get Started!

Small Container Service

TXI's Small Container Service will transport your items across High Sec, Low Sec, and Null Sec. Common examples of our cargo include hard-to-find skillbooks, BPOs/BPCs, rigs, and mods, but can include any item less than 450m³.

Please follow this link for more details and pricing.

0.0 Services

If your alliance has made an agreement with Trinity X Industries we are offering an in-system hauling service for your null sec systems for a small reward.
If you want something moved from citadel to citadel/station within a system your alliance owns this service is for you. Simply create a courier contract to Trinity X Industries the reward set according to the table below and a maximum collateral of 3 billion ISK.

Available Systems

Region System Max Volume Max Collateral Reward
Catch GE-8JV 60 000m³ 3 billion 500 000
Catch GE-8JV 1 000 000m³ 3 billion 4 million

Your system is not on the list? Get in touch with us and we can discuss options to add it to our service.